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The Amazing Power of your Mind - use it wisely!

The average computer can process about 250,000 pictures, 20,000 songs, hundreds of movies and thousands of documents, which will all eventually take their toll and slow down task resolution. This processing power is not a patch on the power of your mind which performs about 10,000,000,000,000 (10 quadrillion) operations per second without you even knowing it. The effortless control of 6 trillion things which need to be done for 60 trillion cells in your body lies in your subconscious mind. And these processes occur every second, day in and day out for a lifetime.

This magnificent phenomenon of the mind does, however, have one limitation. It is unable to distinguish between a real and an imaginary event, with far-reaching, sometimes disastrous consequences. Our perceptions of an event determine our emotional response. Anxiety is a perfect example here – we do not contract anxiety, we create it. And once we realise that, we can do something about it.

We like to think that we actively make decisions. Only 2% to 4% of the time, is this true. In 96% to 98% of instances the outcome is controlled by the subconscious mind which is shaped by our cumulative thoughts, both negative and positive. Unfortunately, the majority of our thoughts are negative, tied up in worrying either about the past or the future and these thoughts determine our psychological responses to events. For better or worse it is our thoughts that create our reality, not the situation itself.

In our modern world we need to consider more carefully the impact of TV, media and gaming. A scary statistic about children leaving elementary school is that in their developmental years they have witnessed approximately 8,000 simulated murders. Gaming used to mean watching Luigi and Mario jump over turtles, nowadays children are exposed for long periods to gruesome, graphic images. What sense are their subconscious minds making of these images and how could they possibly mould their reality? What is certain, is that these images are assimilated by the subconscious and lie there like toxic debris.

Fortunately, the remarkable power of the mind can be your partner in creating a better reality for yourself. Learn how to access your subconscious and communicate directly with it so that you can investigate issues, interrupt destructive behaviours and install new beliefs. Choose your words carefully – they can heal you or they can be your demise. And on top of that – your mind has no idea whether you’re joking or whether you’re serious.

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