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I am enough! Three words that can change your life.

Whether we like it or not, we are still operating according to prehistoric rules. Nothing has changed in the way our mind works for thousands of years and our one most basic need remains the same - to make connection and avoid rejection. Your mind operates on the premise that unless you are an integral part of a ‘tribe’, where safety is guaranteed by numbers, you are likely to be one of the casualties left behind. The overarching purpose of your mind is to protect you from harm and its most powerful influence is the words you say to yourself. It will do exactly what you tell it to do.

Our culture is fixated on achievement and we spend our lives measuring ourselves against everybody else. Born as perfect babies – unless we have been exposed to some awful early trauma - we were thrilled to bask in the unconditional attention lavished on us - we only expected positive interaction with others and we demanded it – often loudly! Bad hair days and fat thighs didn’t feature in that world! Then life happened and that initial confidence in our sense of being enough was eroded by criticism, misinterpretation of events, abuse etc.

The perception of even minor events can have a devastating effect on our sense of self-worth. As we age, we are plagued by the same stubborn problems such as relationship sabotage, addiction, weight problems, lack of motivation or a fear of commitment. Our conscious mind assumes that it’s all our fault – we are lazy, not good enough, we simply can’t change it, and that is how life will always be. Meanwhile, our subconscious mind is stewing in the deep root causes of these issues and that is what we need to access.

The truth is that you can’t change your past but you can change the narrative around it in a remarkably fast, effective and transformational way. Once you know how you are sabotaging yourself, you can make the necessary changes in the way you communicate with your mind and install a whole new belief system. You too can have a rock solid, unshakeable sense of self-worth. You just have to tell your mind, very specifically, what it needs to do.

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